About Millenasia


Keiko Bang, along with Eugene Bang, founded Millenasia in 2019 with a mission of creating the world’s first data-first, next-generation media company focused on fandom and technology-led storytelling.

The Millenasia brand also encompasses of Bang Singapore – an award-winning production house with more than 100 hours of blue-chip programming airing in more than 150 countries around the world, and Namas-K – a curated platform which aims to seed, amplify and grow the “Korean Wave” in India. A new multi-level fandom portal, which will utilize machine learning and AI insights to power communities for all fandoms, will be launched in 2020.

In 2019, in order to introduce and monetize the Korean wave to India, Millenasia launched the NAMAS-K brand through an omni-channel marketing campaign that generated massive media hype, and continues to be the leading Hallyu brand in India.

  • 48.7 million reached through PR, with more than 30 verified PR articles
  • 73 million reached through original content, reshared by key Bollywood celebrities
  • 6,261,292 NAMAS-K owned reach
  • 485 percent peak engagement rate on social media
  • 200 hours of Korean Drama and movies sold to top OTT platform